Astonishing music lovers all over with his latest EP, “L.I.O.N.”, is a rising hip-hop sensation Zie

Zie as a Las Vegas-based music artist, stuns people with the songs he has created under L.I.O.N. and has many more plans in the coming months to up his game in music.

Isn’t it wonderful to see how things have changed across industries of the world for innumerable positive developments? It is amazing to notice how these positive developments and growth could be brought by the massive momentum a few rare gems created thriving on their innate talents and skills and their commitment, passion and perseverance. Among tons of industries producing such talented beings, it was the music world that perhaps gave birth to the maximum such professionals, which from Las Vegas includes Zie (Last Letter, as he often mentions about him). Zie is not an average success story in the music space, but he is definitely, the one who has spared no effort in giving his best in music and coming up with EPs like L.I.O.N.

L.I.O.N. has all the minutest and the most extraordinary sonic gifts that can truly elevate the moods and mindsets of the ones listening to it. It has songs like Versace Sheets, Pull Up, YEA, I Know, My Way, and Eliminate (, where each song has something distinct to offer listeners and music lovers; such is the perfection that Zie serves people in music, showcasing his brilliance as a music artist in the US.

People who have listened to this EP can’t stop gushing over how Zie has all the qualities to make it to the top of the American music scene in the coming years; that is how they have loved each track from the EP. L.I.O.N. ( is also seen as the first step in setting the tone right in contemporary hip-hop, which is assertive, conscious yet driven to inspire. This project provides that answer and can prove as a catalyst for a change in direction via six short songs.

With his unique brand of music, Zie (@zieokc) has caused a great buzz in the industry by doing tours with popular artists to, running a multi-tape series and making great collaborations like the one he made on his Gangsta Grillz Mixtape titled “EAT Reloaded (2015) with DJ Drama. Since then, he has dropped EAT3 and a bundle of visuals as well for creating much more buzz.

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