6ix9ine’s Ex Sara Molina Reveals to DJ Vlad She “Second thoughts” 2019 Meeting

Key sentence:

· That meet uncovered 6ix9ine was helping out government specialists and Molina got down on Vlad for having her perused the prosecution on camera.

· She previously plunked down with VladTV back in 2019.

Point by point her touchy relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine, yet Sara Molina would later say that she lamented the discussion. The long meeting would circulate around the web and Molina didn’t keep down in sharing personal insights regarding the dad of her little girl, his preliminaries and captures, his issue with Trippie Redd, and his alliance with the Bloods.

Molina has indeed found DJ Vlad and this time, she clarifies why she isn’t pleased with her past meet. “I thought twice about it ’cause at that point, I was presumably my generally defenseless,” she said. “I was emerging from a relationship where I was manhandled intellectually, truly, inwardly.

I was having this load of things come out during the case that, similar to I said, this was my life and I didn’t have a clue about this load of things were going on around me. I was as yet in shock. I was harmed.”

She added that she wishes she “would have given [herself] additional time” prior to plunking down for a meeting of that type. “I didn’t basically have the best individuals around me to advise me, ‘Uh, perhaps you shouldn’t do that or possibly you shouldn’t say that or possibly you shouldn’t get that fcking pile of papers on the floor so dubiously sitting close to you.’ No one was around to disclose to me that sort of sh*t.”

“What will be will be.” The pile of papers she’s alluding to are the reports that uncovered to the world 6ix9ine was helping out government specialists.

“I wish I could never have perused that pile of papers conversing with you. You can’t be frantic when individuals considering you the feds and you have a prosecution on the floor, you have me in a room that is all white that seems as though a cross examination room. It was simply awful. I truly thought twice about it.”

Molina denied realizing that the prosecution expressed 6ix9ine was participating and said she didn’t have the foggiest idea what Vlad needed her to peruse ahead of time.

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