Caligula is emerging as one of biggest up and coming rap artists.

He is set to take the hip-hop and rap worlds by storm with his exceptional style of music.

Caligula was in love with rhythms and melodies since a tender age, the reason for him to take up this career while growing up. He says that as a young boy he used to pen rhymes, which helped him master the skill over the years he spent writing on his own. Eventually, he grew up to become an outstanding rap artist from Virginia who has become popular amongst music circles. A naturally gifted artist whose voice captivates the hearts of millions who love this genre. It’s no surprise that this young soul has been gaining huge popularity in the music world and slowly emerging to be the next rap star, given his exceptional talent. His work comprises of a mix of outstanding lyrics and rhymes which makes it stand out and get noticed. Each of his work oozes creativity to its core and makes a strong connect with the listeners. Caligula’s motivation has always stemmed from the love that he has for music, and he has proved that he is ready to take on the music world by bringing in a distinct style that no one else has, and that is he himself.

Unleashing his potential and dwelling deep into the art of creating meaningful renditions have given his career a major high and landed him some plum projects with some of the biggest names in the industry like producer Danja resulting in a hit single ‘Fighter Jet’ feat Wiz Khalifa. He has proved to be a versatile artist who can rap on any beat, one of his recent freestyle mixtape hosted by DJ Des showed his extreme talent. From New York hardcore and grimey boom bap beats like Last Dayz by ONYX to g-funk west coast beats like All Eyes On Me by 2PAC, he can make you groove on any style with his music skills. The big turn in his music career came when he got associated with the Hardcore Rap 4 Life record label. His first release titled ‘Rated Hardcore’ in 2019 and second album ‘Mad Stylz’, which released in 2020, took him to the next level. Through extremities, hard work and consistency he has perfected his craft, and has proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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