6ix9ine and Sara Molina Differ About Supervised Visits With Their Girl

Key Sentence:

  • The rapper accepts he ought to have the option to see his youngster at whatever point he enjoys.
  • While Molina claims he hasn’t done anything for her since she was conceived.

At the point when Tekashi 6ix9ine was first delivered from jail, Sara Molina said that she wouldn’t allow him to see their young girl until he got a psychological assessment. The exes have been sharing scorching tales around each other for quite a long time and trapped in the crossfire is their daughter who, as per Molina, doesn’t have any contact with the disputable rapper.

6ix9ine examined his relationship with his girl during his visit to Akademiks’ new digital broadcast In private, and the rapper disclosed to Wack 100 that he ought to have the option to see his youngster based on his conditions, not any other individual’s.


“Assuming that family needs me to be a dad, you all gon’ let that young lady be with her dad,” said 6ix9ine. “That is my child… She’s five years of age.” He denies Molina’s cases that he doesn’t monetarily uphold his youngster and proposed that he buys things for his girl. 6ix9ine guaranteed that when he was delivered from prison, he gave Molina’s family $20K and expressed that his mom sees his girl week after week for administered visits.

“My mother is 57-years of age and she gets escorted like she’s a f*cking kid around there with the opposite side,” he added. “My little girl is my creation. I made her. I have the right to have my little girl at whatever point I need to have her.” Not every person has concurred, particularly with his online tricks and progressing hostility with others in the business. Individuals remarked that 6ix9ine’s careless conduct can be perilous.

She grumbled that he’s boasting about offering $20K to their girl.

In the mean time, Molina terminated back at her ex’s new remarks in a video. She says that she put the cash 6ix9ine gave them into a record for their little girl and asserted that is all he has allowed in five years.

“He spent more on his better half in one year than what he has taken care of for my little girl,” Molina said. “My girl has under $100,000 in the bank for her. School and everything.” She griped that he’s gloating about offering $20K to their little girl while he “strolls around with a [million] in his pocket.”

“You figure it out.” Molina likewise recently communicated that in light of how 6ix9ine acts, she was getting dangers to both herself and her kid.

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