Twitter Proclaims Bow Wow The Victor Over Soulja Boy After Verzuz Fight

Key sentence:

·        Both Bow Wow and Soulja Boy accompanied hits.

·        Bow Wow and Soulja Boy have spent the most recent couple of weeks provoking each other internet, getting ready for their Verzuz fight.

This matchup has been discussed for some time, so crowds were anxious to perceive how the two rappers piled up their singles against each other. What’s more, we were not disillusioned. Unfortunately only two or so years prior, Twitter and online media were broiling Bow Wow determinedly.

Presently, fans all throughout the planet are requesting that Bow Wow get his blossoms. It’s anything but a Verzuz fight to remind the world how fantastic Bow Wow was.

Fans got a brief look at what The Thousand years Visit 2021 would resemble, after Omarion bounced in front of an audience to add his vocals to Bow Wow’s set. Romeo likewise showed up, and had a second.

Fans rushed to guarantee that Bow Wow won, notwithstanding, Soulja Kid got a great deal of adoration too. One thing that everybody conceded to however was that this was extraordinary compared to other Verzuz fights ever. Indeed, even Da Imp and Jermaine Dupri showed up.

Romeo applauded both Soulja Kid and Bow Goodness, following the two rapper’s Verzuz standoff, Saturday night, crushing a longstanding meat among Romeo and Bow Amazing. The notorious rapper even contrasted every one of them three with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James.

He proceeded: “I have been standing by to disclose to you this for a very long time, my first tune ‘My Child,’ I put you on my tune. The world put us against one another, yet you the Michael Jordan, correct? Each time has a Michael Jordan, a Kobe, and LeBron.

You the Michael Jordan, you enlivened we all n**** up here. You need to your roses while you can smell them. Me, I was Kobe where I didn’t need to be the most skilled yet I’ma work my butt off. I know my motivation.”

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