Turning his dreams into reality is a rising singer and rapper, Zeddy.

The youngster saw many struggles in life, but his courage helped him become who he is today.

The way certain individuals have drawn a path to success for themselves is a great sight to behold, looking at how they have put every possible effort into becoming who they are today. To be able to make it huge in one’s desired industry, especially when it comes to highly competitive industries like music, is never an easy path. It comes along with various challenges and struggles, but the ones who keep at it anyway, take gradual steps ahead and work with a never-say-die attitude, often go ahead in attaining their desired success and becoming their best versions. Doing exactly that in the world of music is a young talent named Zeddy, formerly known as ZN from the 86 Music Group.

Wondering who is Zeddy? Well, this young man is all about his passion and sheer talent in music. He confesses how from a very early age; music was something that acted as his solace and gave him the peace he needed after going through many downs in life. This made him realize his true love for the performing art and helped him become the rapper he is today.

Talking about his journey, Zeddy says that he hails from Tulse Hill, South London, the UK, and used to rap with 86 Music Group as ZN. At the age of 14, he lost his elder brother and best friend and then was sent to Ghana. However, at 18, he came back and then started working with 86 Music Group. In 2017, Zeddy describes how he survived a fatal car accident, where unfortunately he lost his childhood friend and since then has been battling with depression while also trying to balance his music career.

This year in August, he also lost his father and thinks that everyone who supported him has already gone. However, Zeddy thrives on his strong mental attitude and courage and now has come up with a freestyle as a solo artist, which will be released on 15th November 2021.

Zeddy, as a passionate musical artist, is definitely here to stay.

You can Follow him on Instagram : @znkayoss

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