Thirty4 – The rising rap artist whose work exudes pure magic

Mastering the art of music, this powerhouse of talent is steadily rising towards stardom.

We have seen a few music artists who have grasped the art with much ease, conquering the space and embracing stardom quickly. Thirty4 has the potential to be amongst those few, as he has the ability to master the craft like no one else, and the kind of work he’s been coming forward with is enough proof of it. Chicago, Illinois born Thirty4 was raised in South Bend amidst a single parent home where his mother took care of his upbringing as he was totally cut off from his father. Music was something that drew him towards it from the very beginning, and that was evident when he started rapping at the age of 9. People around him were convinced that this was the career that would help him soar towering heights, and he did prove them right by establishing himself as a bankable rap artist going ahead in life.

Recalling his early days, he says, “I remember my grandmother listening to a lot of jazz and blues when I was young. Perhaps, that was the reason I got hooked on to music, as I was listening to it all the time at home.” He grasped the melodic and rhythmic sounds well and honed his skills while growing up, which turned him into a full-fledged music artist going ahead in life. What differentiates Thirty4 from other music artists is his unique style of singing, which is full of meaningful lyrics which connects well with the listeners. He says that he is grateful that the audiences have accepted his style of music and never thought he would come so far in his music career, getting wide recognition and love from people. According to him, if an artist is dedicated and focused towards his work, nothing in the world can stop him from achieving the stars, and he himself is a fine example of it.

He is inching step by step towards success and says that he aims at conquering the world stage one day through his talent. Thirty4 plans to re-innovate the music scene and bring a spark to the music industry with his unique style, which has gained him a massive following within no time, which is quite impressive.

You can follow him on Instagram @thirty4me

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