The Shiv: One of the brightest stars in the world of modern-day music

His latest single, “Let’s Make Some Love,” has been garnering him massive love and appreciation from listeners and music lovers.

The kind of insane growth and massive momentum a few industries over the years have attained can be attributed to so many factors around the world. Of course, the tech advent and latest tech trends adoption are one major reason, but no one can deny how the ceaseless efforts and hustle of a few astute minds and creative souls have contributed heavily to their chosen industries. To do that in the world of music has proved to be a huge challenge in itself, but it is rising music artists like The Shiv who have been making all the right buzz and creating the right vibe in the industry to offer listeners something new and refreshing always.

People currently are vibing on his latest single titled “Let’s Make Some Love,” which has also become the love theme song of the year and #Partysongoftheyear for many. Singer and songwriter The Shiv is glad and proud both for the consistent love he has been receiving for this track. Speaking on the same, he says that the song’s lyrics are quite catchy and easy to vibe on; also, the beats, music, and style have made the listeners swing to the song, emerging as the groovy number of the year. The Shiv says that attaining so much admiration for the song was something that has only encouraged him to do better with all his other tracks.

“ Cried So Hard ” is one such song, which he believes will take people on a journey where they can have a word with God, make arguments, and challenge and confront with God, leading them to emote their deepest emotions, which they have been hiding for long. This makes the song a completely different offering from the music artist, otherwise known for his groovy tracks.

The Shiv’s latest EP, “Alone,” with songs like “You Never Know” and “Cried So Hard,” will take people into a new world. After feeling all emotions of pain, anger, dominance, and the like, this EP will lead them into a dreamy world. The Shiv is now gearing up for his upcoming EP “Desire,” which already has two songs, “Playboy” and “Temptation.”

Check out his Spotify, and Instagram @theshivmusic.

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