Taking the music space by storm – make way for Manish Singh.

With his latest single, “In The Sky”, this music marketer rises high as a musician.

Some say that people who wander often are lost, which isn’t true. Those who choose to wander instead carve a unique path for themselves, all about new learnings, experiences and discoveries. Walking on such paths is not a “walk” in the park, but the ones, who have done that have gone beyond boundaries to prove to the world what they are worthy of and how they deserve a special place for themselves in their industries. Manish Singh is all about this and much more in the world of music currently, who has been making a lot of noise with his singing prowess and excellence. Youngsters like Manish Singh have inspired so many other budding talents of the world and encouraged them to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams.

People might have noticed that more and more streaming sites today feature the discography of young musical talents. Ever wondered why? Because young musical artists bring a certain level of uniqueness in the industry and offer audiences something different always with their tracks and albums. This is definitely easier said than done, but even as youngsters, some of them have spellbound audiences and thrived in the industry, just like Manish Singh did with his impeccable tonal qualities, writing and performing skills.

When you decide to jump from one niche to another, the journey may come with several hurdles and challenges; however, these challenges help individuals carve their path ahead, explains Manish Singh. He is already one of the youngest self-made millionaires as a digitalpreneur from India and for him to create a new career altogether and start everything from scratch in music was too tough. He mentions that he initially worked as a music marketer; however, along the journey, he fell so much in love with music that he decided to work at the front of the mic as a musical artist and musician with his record label ZZED Music.

Manish Singh highlights that “In The Sky”, his single released in 2021, is a track in which he has made sure to put in his heart and soul, which has compelled audiences to listen to him more. Listen to his track here


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