Soulja Boy Finds Warmth For Saying He Was “The Main Rapper On BAPE, Period”

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· Hip Bounce fans guarantee Big deal, Pharrell, Clipse, and Cassidy were on the BAPE pattern way before Soulja.

In case there is a rapper holding down the record number of “firsts” in the business, Soulja Boy takes the crown. The Rap symbol has been in the business for almost twenty years as he’s fostered his profession from a web VIP into a worldwide whiz.

In case there is any individual who realizes how to make a pattern or circulate around the web it’s Soulja Boy, and keeping in mind that he has been credited for being the “main” rapper to take certain actions, Hip Jump fans are calling foul on his remarks about BAPE.

During a talk with Complex, Soulja made new cases, this time about the design brand BAPE (A Washing Primate), however general society rushed to tell him that the Infamous B.I.G. furthermore, The Neptunes were the symbols behind making BAPE famous.

“I was the principal rapper on BAPE period,” said Soulja. “I get what they did and it’s good, however to the extent the way of life, to the extent web, similar to form, similar to the roads, the snare, the channels, the children and all that matter, that was all off of the main collection.” He referenced his clothing in the music video for “Wrench That,” a visual that got “a great many perspectives.” Soulja added, “They realize who began it. They realize who set the precedent.”

The reactions are proceeding to pour in as Pharrell has become a moving subject via online media. Individuals have brought up different craftsmen who aided launch BAPE into Hip Bounce history, including Clipse and Cassidy. Did Soulja Boy truly put the roads onto BAPE?

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