Ready to take over the world of the American music industry is Signed XO.

His pure passion, combined with his persistence and determination, has led to the success of his first single, “On Time”.

There are a few individuals who fear to step into industries they consider as too competitive. However, only when people go out of their comfort zones can they reach for greatness is what we have learned all our lives. A few others belong to this category as well, who dive deep into their chosen industries even after knowing the fierce competition they may face in the process with the attitude of ‘will go with the flow’. This very positive attitude does help them go with the flow and even give them opportunities to create their unique niche. We came across one such high-performing individual and a rising musical talent named Signed XO, who has been doing the same and surprising people with his confidence and resilience.

Who is Signed XO, you ask? Well, this promising talent belongs to P.G county Maryland, and he confesses that he saw how other young individuals thriving off of their innate music skills went ahead in becoming stars in the industry. He took great inspiration from such success stories and kept working on his musical talents, honing his skills constantly, which led him to create magic with his first-ever single titled “On Time”, proving that this young talent will stay for a long time in the industry.

“On Time” radiates the brilliance of Signed XO and showcases his excellence in music in ways more than one. The visuals of the song also prove the creativity and the uniqueness he brings to the music industry. Forbes was astonished by these visuals and noted how he brought lots of colours, flavours and fashion to his image. Signed XO’s sound has a very different level of vibe, which instantly hooks people to him and his song, ultimately making his song a part of their favourite list.

If his first single, On Time, has created so much buzz, one can imagine what he can achieve in the upcoming years. It is also said that he may come up with his EP before the end of the year, and listeners can’t contain their excitement already.

Do listen to “On Time” here and feel the magic

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