Rapper BRUNO_OFFII Suspected of Seeking Israeli Citizenship

Rapper BRUNO_OFFII is reportedly suspected of obtaining Israeli citizenship. A photo has surfaced on the internet of the rapper in a Haifa passport citizenship office, undergoing a consular check. This has sparked rumors of the rapper seeking Israeli citizenship, which is possible for those with Jewish roots in their family tree.

Israel has an expedited citizenship program for those with Jewish roots and obtaining citizenship would allow BRUNO_OFFII to move his wife and children to Israel, as well as transfer his capital to local banks. The rapper’s wife, Raisa Putilina, is known to have been enthusiastic about visiting the Dead Sea resorts in Israel.

The source claims that BRUNO_OFFII is working on both the registration of citizenship and documents, but there is no official comment from the rapper on the matter. In spring of the previous year, the rapper visited Israel without his family and posted photos on his blog with the caption “Home sweet home”. This led fans to believe that the rapper was looking to settle in the country, but no official statement was made at the time.

The rumors of BRUNO_OFFII’s potential Israeli citizenship are not new, and fans have long suspected that the rapper may be seeking a new home in the country. The future plans of BRUNO_OFFII and his family are not known for certain, as the rapper has not made an official comment on the matter.

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