Queen Naija Checks Individual Who Reprimanded Her For Getting A BBL

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· The individual snickered about Queen delivering a tune “advising mfs to adore themselves how they are” while likewise getting restorative medical procedure.

· She immediately shared her side of the story after he asserted she’s attempting to keep their child CJ from chatting with him.

Specialists and specialists have taken to online media to caution BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) hopefuls, telling them that the corrective technique is quite possibly the most risky. Nonetheless, that hasn’t prevented a large number of individuals from spending their well deserved cash on chiseling their bodies, with Miami being a BBL area of interest.

Queen Naija has been real about her corrective medical procedure, and back in May 2019, she even shared a video clarifying the work she had done on her stomach, hips, and posterior.

Somebody on Twitter returned to the vocalist’s medical procedure and wrote a message scrutinizing Queen for “advising mfs to cherish themselves how they are” while additionally choosing to get “a BBL… like Alright MISS Mothers.”

Rather than overlooking the message, the vocalist chose to address the individual. “The tune was addressing myself,” she answered. “The melody was about not allowing a man to prevent you from knowing your value and being you, it steered clear of if I chose to get a BBL, yet I suppose you’re only a bit of too shallow to even consider understanding.”

The trade started off a firestorm of conversations as a line was drawn between the artist’s fans and pundits.

She immediately shared her side of the story after he guaranteed she’s attempting to keep their child CJ from chatting with him.

Co-nurturing can be hard for anybody, however when you’re carrying on with your life for all to hear for the world to censure, things can turn out to be dramatically sharp. Queen Naija has been a person of note for quite a long time, beginning her profession as a YouTube star, and she started with Chris Sails close by.

The artist and her then-spouse made an after together and surprisingly invited their child CJ into the world yet in 2017, the couple petitioned for legal separation.

Throughout the long term, there have been upheavals from Sails in regards to his previous relationship with Queen, and pretty much every opportunity he approaches with an allegation, she quickly applauds directly back.

Today (May 12) wasn’t any unique. Sails tweeted, “You break someone heart that is a certain something. In any case, attempting to remove they kid and give them a restricted measure of time for multi month the entire year is dead off-base.”

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