Quando Rondo Plunks Down With Huge U, Talks King Von and Rough Childhood

Key Sentence:

  • The rapper shares that he and Von didn’t have meat “by any means”.
  • Clarifying that he was conceived a break child and was in and out of child care.

In spite of the fact that he’s kept on bragging about his companionship with Timothy Leeks, otherwise called Lul Tim, Quando Rondo needs to clarify that he didn’t have any issue with King Von. It was back in November when a shooting happened outside of an Atlanta hookah bar bringing about the passings of three individuals, including Von. The episode apparently happened following a squabble among Von and Rondo’s companies, and later, Leeks was captured and accused of the rapper’s homicide. Click to watch the video.

Quando Rondo and Huge U traded words following the slayings yet presently it appears to be that they’ve settled their ill will. The business leader local area lobbyist has the Checc’n In Webcast where Rondo was as of late a visitor and talked about his relationship with King Von.

Quando Rondo

“Everyone shout, ‘Secure the brand,’ yet when the brand get ensured, everyone wanna be frantic. This what accompany it,” said Rondo. Huge U added that he knows that Rondo and Von “didn’t have no hamburger” and the rapper hindered to say, “by any means.” Large U needed Quando Rondo to detail his childhood incorporating his relationship with his mom since he doesn’t accept individuals really comprehend the full extent of who the rapper is.

“I ain’t actually got no disgrace to recount my story. I couldn’t care less, you feel me?” said Rondo.

“Everything don’t be sparkle and gold even when you effective. Everything ain’t great. Actually no good thing, you feel me. Enough said! Not even the cash since what accompany all the stuff, it ain’t no bliss.”

He added that the manner in which he grew up is a lot of more terrible than people’s opinion and proceeded to talk about his mom, who he says has her coexistence nowadays. “I was conceived a break child. My mother smoked rocks until presumably I resembled, likely around, 15,” the 22-year-old expressed. “I been in and out of adolescent for my entire life and before that, I was embraced in light of the fact that when I was little my mother and daddy had a little battle or something to that effect… I got singed. I actually have the consume until this day.”

Quando Rondo itemized being “in and out of cultivate homes” for his entire life lastly discovering “his kin.” He additionally said he trusts that the world will not pass judgment on him dependent on what is posted on the web.

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