Product of Us excites music lovers with upcoming tours to Brazil and the US.

2023 has been a crazy year for the musical duo, where they have spellbound audiences with their outstanding tracks in the melodic house & techno music genres.

Making it big in any industry today comes as a challenge. For that, people need to take necessary actions and put in the required efforts to fulfil those visions and create a beautiful reality. All this sounds easier than it actually is, but a few exceptional professionals across fields have showcased sheer brilliance, tenacity and passion for their work and have worked relentlessly to achieve their goals. Among these, Product of Us has remained the top name in the list, a musical duo that has become a rising name in the world of music with their talent in the melodic and techno music genres.

There is a reason why people in increasing numbers have been listening to and attending the performances of these phenomenal music artists. Product of Us has remained extraordinarily talented music artists as one musical brand that has given top musical hits consistently. Working with top DJs like Vintage Culture, David Guetta and others, they have marked their presence in the industry as remarkable music personalities.

They recently made their mark at Eden Club, Ibiza, with their unique music record label named “Of Us Records” (@ of records), putting on the likes of the remarkable music group OC & Verde. Also, Miss Monique is releasing a second EP of “Product of Us” named “Under Control” along with “Anjunabeats” releasing “Breathe” and more.

What has now excited fans and music lovers more is Product of Us’ upcoming tours. They will travel to Brazil this September. On 2nd September, their fans can find them at Privilege in Brazil, a place where DJs like Vintage Culture and many others found stardom. Wndrlnd Records also will be teaming up with them and their record label, Of Us Records, to bring more parties to the UK, including Joshua Brooke’s venue in Manchester and more.

Product of Us (@productofus_ofc) holds four #1 Progressive Top 100 in Beatport. They will also do a US tour towards the end of the year.

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