Parent’s Fear of ‘Kidnapping’ When Jackson Wang Pursued Music

Jackson Wang’s parents weren’t very supportive when he first started pursuing music — and even made an intriguing prediction for his future.

On Wednesday (May 4), Wang, 28, appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s eponymous TV show, where she inquired about his athletic background.

“I fenced. My parents were too. “You know, I always had this fantasy about music,” he told his parents while preparing for the 2012 Olympics in London. Let me work.”

Wang said it took him seven months to persuade his parents.

“They were really against me, saying ‘You’re insane.’ “After I debuted as a singer and went back to do a show, I invited my principal and he remarked, ‘Jackson, we believed in you.’”

Wang then recalled a musical audition he had in Korea. ‘You know what? They told me. Entertainment? Not kidnapped and thrown into a cave.’ Parents, eh? ‘We won’t see you again. You’ll be MIA.’

After seven months, Wang persuaded his parents to let him pursue music. In 2019, he released Mirrors, and in 2022, Lost & Found, a mixtape. He is also a member of GOT7.

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