Music artist Josh Clarke gears up to launch his latest single ‘Pray’.

After giving some incredible music in the past, Josh is ready to wow the audiences once more.

Josh Clarke comes from those breed of music artists who know their craft well and are deeply knowledgeable about the art of music making. He has been around for quite some time now, having built a massive following which is the result of his outstanding music that has helped establish his strong base amidst this fiercely competitive industry. Like many music artists who have held fort owing to their distinctive capabilities, Josh too has managed to pull it off by exhibiting his remarkable talent, which has won him wide recognition.

Josh made an impact right since the beginning with his first release Labeled A Boss which proved his potential which was good enough to lead the pack that headed the music sphere. Industry experts predicted right since the beginning that this artist has a long innings to play and would conquer the top position, observing the kind of power he exuded in his work. This Canadian-born artist has since then come a long way, giving back to back hits which have proven the initial predictions about him to be true.

The charm of his music keeps getting better as every single he drops is a step ahead than his previous ones. The efforts he puts in are clearly visible in his songs like Fully Loaded and Never Go Broke, which have turned out to be real winners till date. At present, Josh is readying himself to release his second single, tilted ‘Pray’ with producer J.Perry Beats. Josh says that he is confident that his latest will turn out to be as big as his previous hits. The melodies that he churns out teamed with his vocals are enough to push his popularity to the next level as the audiences have been captivated with his work, and are in all for his music.

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