Meet Tal Greazy, making strides in the world of music as an upcoming rap and music artist.

The young artist from the UK has enthralled all with his latest track, “Don’t Panic.”

Out of the many industries that have been on a constant rise, the kind of growth and development the music industry has shown over the years has been astounding. It is great to know that many new talents are born each day in the industry and are also welcomed by the people in and outside of the industry. However, only a handful of talented beings go ahead in serving as inspiring examples to the youth and other budding musical artists. We couldn’t help but notice the quick rise of one such highly driven and passionate rapper and musical artist named Talleko Lemonious, today known by his stage name Tal Greazy across the music industry in the UK.

Wondering who is Tal Greazy? Well, this young man grew up on the streets in Moss Side, England, and was inclined to everything music from a very young age. He confesses how he would listen to various hip-hop and rap artists and how he would feel an unusual connection with them, their music, and their lyrics. This somewhere made him realize what his heart sought and hence inspired him to become a part of the industry as a rapper and performer himself.

Since then, Tal Greazy has given it his all and always made sure to hone his skills to become his best version in all that he has chosen to create in music. Tal Greazy has now come up with his latest release titled “Don’t Panic.” This new song has already been received well by the audiences and music lovers. It was premiered on 4th December 2021, and in just a matter of days, it has earned thousands of views on YouTube, which is proof of the excellence this young rap artist possesses in music. With a growing number of views and increased buzz for Don’t Panic, Tal Greazy is confident to take over the music field and create many more such heart-thumping tracks that listeners would want to continually keep listening to.

Starting his journey from scratch, taking inspiration from the greats of the industry, today, Tal Greazy has indeed come a long way and aims to do much more in the near future. Till then, do listen to his song on YouTube,, and follow him on Instagram @talgreazyafnf to know more.

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