MC Kinin, a young Tamil rapper and musical artist, who has been attempting to dominate the music industry.

The rapper who, with the power of his voice and the great feeling he exuded as an artist and rapper throughout each of his songs, could instantly forge a close bond with his fans. His exceptional rapping abilities and innate capabilities quickly established themselves in the hearts of the public, demonstrating his promise as a young musician in the Tamil music industry.

Introducing, MC Kinin,  a rising tamil rapper, music artist and lyricist who was born and raised in South west London, on 11 Dec, 1996. 

When Kinin was just 12 years old, he started rapping. He first learned about Tamil rap when he was quite young. He started using a laptop to create music with his cousin Danu when he was younger for fun. He said that at the age of 15, he officially recorded his first song. Since then, he has occasionally published music videos for tunes on YouTube and Soundcloud. By releasing as much music as he can, he is seeking to be more regular with his releases. His most well-known song, “Nadiye Reprise,” has more than 150K views.Despite having recorded several songs, he has only released 8 of them. Additionally, he has a 10k family on Tik Tok, all thanks to his songs.

When asked who he looked up to in the industry, Kinin mentioned Sujeeth G, MC Sai, and Ratty Adhiththan. In addition, he has given live performances in Germany at a Pathala event organized by Ace Vibes and in London at Aranmanai. Kinin has already made a name for himself as a musician by proving to be a very gifted rapper and singer who puts creativity into his creations. His several projects are currently in work, and the amount of music released this year will certainly expand significantly! Let’s wish him well with his upcoming endeavors.

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