Littorious: Rap Battles From Childhood Making Sense In Modern America Today.

Ahmahd Isaiah Daniels, known as “Littorious,” was born on January 21, 1999 in Staten Island, New York, USA, in a neighborhood called Stapleton Projects in Staten Island, NY. He is an American music artist, singer, and songwriter. Littorious founded his own Limited Liability Company LLC / record company on December 7th, 2020 called “Bag or no bag the label” (LLC).  

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Littorious love for music has been in him since the day he was remembered. It all started when he was in his room at the age of five, he spat, beat and kept hearing that heartbeat in his head, the words came out and at that moment they didn’t make any sense, but they weren’t even ‘not even the words closed that which was attracted; it was the rhythm in his head. The tone, sound, and rhythm flowed in his head, and it was intense that even the words couldn’t keep up with the speed at which the rhythm was developing. Rap battles with his brothers and they always laughed at me because he didn’t say anything, just kept mumbling a beat. 

He didn’t say anything relevant, or so it seemed to them, but what he said wasn’t important to him, but what he didn’t say, he rapped, spat, and it made sense.His siblings just didn’t know because they couldn’t see how his brain processed these beats and formulated their sound. He knew where he was going and where he was going and was determined to find out what it all meant. the melody, listening to the beat, tightening the rhythm and creating the melody. He was the sound and He was the music. It made sense because it didn’t need words to form a sentence. Expressing yourself through normal conversation was always a challenge for him, but he could send you a song and once you heard it you would know how he felt and what to tell you.

Yes, the lyrics are descriptive, but the rhythm was my passion, the rhythm was me and through that rhythm you knew everything; all to the core of my own existence. He didn’t think music would be that important part of his life, but when you grew up where he grew up, music is what keeps you sane. He always had to be someone he wasn’t. butthere were no borders with music. There was no limit to who he could be or who he was and who he became.Music always gave me a reason to move on and helped him overcome many obstacles in his life. In his short but long life, he has gone through a lot, from America’s greatest threat to being separated from his family until no one understands or whatever. He felt surrounded by so many people, but he always felt lonely and constantly overlooked. Music is all you can hear to drown out all of this noise in your life. It’s not perfect, but sound and audio can bring Littorious to life. 

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