Kanye West Speaks He “Escaped From Calabasas” On “Donda”: Report

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·  A individual who purportedly went to Ye’s new listening party asserts the rapper cried subsequent to playing a melody about his union with Kim Kardashian.

We haven’t heard much straightforwardly from Kanye West since his separation from Kim Kardashian was declared, however the previous official confident has been unobtrusively dealing with his next project. The discussion of Hip Jump right now is Kanye’s collection Donda, a venture that was prodded last year. Bits of gossip flowed about Donda’s appearance in 2020 yet after months passed with no further updates, fans accepted that Donda was simply one more ghost project.

Notwithstanding, Justin Laboy reignited Donda conversations after he uncovered Ye screened the venture and let both him and Kevin Durant got a sneak see. Then, at that point, photographs surfaced at ChurchLV in Las Vegas, showing that West facilitated a listening get-together throughout the end of the week.

With the entirety of this Kanye West news comes reports about what fans can expect, including a reputed track named “Welcome to My Life.” The Sun detailed that they talked with a “source” who was purportedly at the congregation listening occasion and they guaranteed that on the track, West supposedly rapped, “Tell the professional killers I got away from Calabasas.”

The source additionally said, “It’s a profound, tragic melody about Kanye, with him considering his marriage with Kim… He discusses the children and notices her taking everything. After he played this tune he stopped for like, two minutes, and cried. It was truly grave.”

On Thursday (July 22), another listening gathering will be held in Atlanta and it is relied upon for West to deliver Donda on Friday. In any case, he still can’t seem to formally affirm the collection’s delivery date.

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