JUS10H: The Perfect Hook

When you think of music, you think of the melody, the instruments, and how they work together simultaneously. A good song always plays on repeat in your mind throughout the day. That’s exactly how the culture feels about Jus10H and fashion, a favorite song on repeat.

Founder and Designer/Tailor of Jus10H, Justin Haynes, has expressed his respect for music and his love for fashion through his latest line, “Onyx.” Sharing his passion in a  bold, colorful way across the world, such as Dabi, Singapore, Ukraine, London, and India, to name a few. Strategically choosing to reintroduce the vintage touch of denim with a luxurious feel.

When it comes to denim and the culture, it’s truly a “One size fits all.” Same idea, but with several different looks. HipHop is known for its street, grime, and edginess. Living out loud in garments that tell a story all on their own. Jus10H plans to take that vibe along with fashion and merge the two together. A highly anticipated transformation reminding people of the evolution of fashion and music.

Denim is a familiar fabric that can be appreciated from one generation to another. Growing up as a teen in the 90s, Justin witnessed the wildness of fashion and the unique ways the Black culture represented each trend, especially denim. Jus10H Onyx collection pays homage to the classics, remixing different styles from every era while staying true to its first love: denim. Dresses, shirts, jackets, overalls, shorts and jeans, denim has always been the go-to fabric, and that is the desired goal Jus10H plans to capture with a hint of nostalgia.

“When music artists wear pieces from the Jus10H Onyx line, I want them to feel as if they are being embraced by a time in their life when being fashionable was the only goal and creativity was the repeated hook.” – Justin Haynes, CEO of Jus10H

Article/Creative Writer: Shahonna Anderson

Marketing Cover Layout: Carl James 

Creative Direction (photo): John Darkco 

Photographer: Xavier “BlakX” Taylor 

Custom Tye Dye (Sweat Shirt): Jala & Maya Witherspoon

Custom Adidas: Adidas Brazil 

Designer/Tailor: #JUS10H

Hair: Rebecca Grimes
MUA: Sally Giron
Vanessa Carlson
Ellie Matus
Pierce Williams

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