Jim Jones Tends to Wack 100 and 6ix9ine Show: “I Put An Entire Coast On”

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  • The Dipset symbol blamed Wack for “attempting to cut down incredible Individuals of color that are in positions to help other amazing People of color.”

One thing is without a doubt: Tekashi 6ix9ine realizes how to mix the pot. In the wake of yelling about Jim Jones and Mel Network on Clubhouse days prior, online media show emitted. 6ix9ine needed to know why the Dipset symbol wasn’t in jail for supposedly requiring the dubious rapper to be “abused,” and Wack 100 apparently added his voice to the discussion by requesting Jones give administrative work that he isn’t a nark.

Jones has been partaking in the days following his amazing appearance on Verzuz as Dipset and The LOX praised their lists with the world, so it is justifiable that when he surfaced on Clubhouse to address the allegations against him, he was slightly disappointed, no doubt.

“I stand tall for all that I have confidence in. I generally have. Regardless,” said Jones. “I’ve been around this entire world. F*ck the nation, n*gga. Rockin’ my equivalent tones. Can’t no one reveal to me anything, n *gga. You know how we move in New York City, n*gga. I put an entire coast on. I let an entire coast eat. I put this sh*t in the sky, n*gga. The same way Sneak [Dogg] put the sh*t in the sky, I put the sh*t in the sky, n*gga.”

Someone else on the board censured Wack 100 for moving “like bloggers by raising cases.” Jim felt that was a “valid statement” yet challenged that Wack is “attempting to cut down incredible People of color that are in positions to help other amazing People of color.” Jones battled that his principle objective has been to assist with blacking networks. He rattled off his different ventures and expressed, “Regardless of what people look like at it… I put whatever number individuals on as could be allowed.”

The rapper added that he never again is on the “account that I was on when I was youthful,” on the grounds that he’s taking more brilliant actions nowadays. “In this way, for me to get on here and feed into some bullsh*t, I feel like I’m going ten stages in reverse. What’s more, that is not why I got on this stage, nor would I get on a stage with anyone that partners themselves with anyone that is a f*ckin’ rodent. That is all.”

Wack 100 says 6ix9ine attempted to pay $25k to get into Moving Boisterous.

Wack 100 says Tekashi 6ix9ine attempted to pay $25k to get a craftsman wristband so he could pull up to Moving Uproarious. Wack says 6ix9ine intended to put a hoodie on and job into the occasion.

“I’m burnt out on looking out for these rappers to slide I’m prepared to slide on them,” 6ix9ine said in the remarks of a brief snippet posted by DJ Akademiks.

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