Hitting the right chords with her music is AraQueenBae.

She has showcased her extremely talented side, which has taken her to newer heights of success than ever.

There are many individuals who have done exceptionally well in their careers, standing out from the crowd owing to their outstanding talent. The music industry has seen many such artists who have excelled in their area of work by giving some spectacular pieces of music which has taken their popularity to extreme levels. AraQueenBae is one such artist who has shone bright amongst all and has shown her singing prowess by giving some amazing songs which have won her a million hearts. Her journey has been extremely impressive as she has gained within a short span of time the amount of success which takes years for people to accomplish.

So, what’s the secret behind her success? She says that right from the very start music was what she wanted to pursue and gave her all to master the art, especially the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) niche which she was more inclined towards. “All I wanted in life was to become a leading music artist and would give hours each day, trying to hone my skills and perfect myself before I presented myself in front of the world,” says the singing star. Her passion and hard work finally paved way, and she was amidst the highly competitive industry which was ruled by some of the greatest music legends of all time.

She says that she was confident of her craft and was not a bit nervous about making it to the league of established artists. She indeed proved herself when she released her songs which were instantly liked by the audiences, securing her place well into the industry.
She has till date released many hits and is on the verge to release five more singles shortly titled “Bali” “Greece” “Koh Tao” “Tulum” and “Dubai”. She is all set to release her new album this winter on all major music streaming platforms which would also include her songs like “Bali” “Greece” and “Tulum” in it.

This former chemical engineer has done exceptionally well in her career as an EDM music artist and is confident enough to achieving more milestones in the near future.

To know more, follow her on Instagram: @AraQueenBae.

You can also listen to her music on Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud: @AraQueenBae.

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