Hit-Boy Apparently Sends Subconscious Shots To Kanye West While Observing “King’s Disease II”

Key Sentence:

  • Fans really wanted to say something regarding the dubious second and included considerations about Hit-Boy and West’s corrupt history.

It was a merited snapshot of festivity in the prior morning hours after Nas and Hit-Boy conveyed another collection that has been in substantial pivot since its delivery. It has been 24 hours since the two craftsmen gave the world Ruler’s Illness II, and fans are as of now saying that this subsequent portion is superior to their Grammy-winning Lord’s Sickness that acquired the desired prize recently. Click to watch the video.


Kanye West has taken consideration over the most recent couple of weeks with the siphon counterfeit guarantees of Donda’s appearance, and keeping in mind that fans were baffled that Ye and Co. lied indeed about the collection’s delivery, Hip Bounce rushed to focus a light on Lord’s Sickness II. During a private occasion, Hit-Boy and Nas connected up with a couple of companions, and when the maker jumped on the mic, he sent a subconscious poke to West.

“It’s anything but 100 n*ggas creating the beat,” he said.

“It’s anything but 100 n*ggas composing the rhymes, n*gga. It’s two n*ggas in the studio. I hear this sh*t at the present time, homeboy. It’s going down. Lord’s Infection II. Stream that sh*t, purchase that sh*t.”

“It’s simply me and Nas in the studio,” said Hit-Boy. “There be n*ggas in the studio. It’s simply me and brother, brother. Do you all hear this sh*t? It’s simply me and this n*gga in the studio. He’s banished up, I’m making beats. No hooplah. We not on f*ckin’ Twitter botherin’ you all. We not on IG Live puttingg an odd ass stream up, n*gga. We doin’ this sh*t without a doubt however, n*gga! Stop playin’!”

The clasp immediately became famous online and fans added their input regarding why they trust Hit-Boy was pungent. The set of experiences between the maker and Kanye runs profound.

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