Hip-hop rapper Savage Fric proves his mettle in the industry with his new single “ Pills” 

Savage Fric is a much-loved singer and songwriter who exudes brilliance in music, giving people feels of both hip-hop and Pop

The Riyadh, Saudi Arabia talent, who now resides in the US in 2021, had signed his first record deal with the renowned Coke Boys records and has now attracted enormous attention among music lovers and listeners with his debut track titled “Pills.” It takes a lot of hard work and determination to succeed in the music business, especially when you’re only 25 years old but savage fric achieve this stage at this age. It’s hard to believe that this is his second release, actually mind blown by the fact. He sounds like he’s been making bangers for a while.

His catalogue, which features songs like Pop, Say So, and the most recent, Pills, generated excitement on all the major music streaming services including Spotify, YouTube, and others

Pills has a million streams in less than a month across top music platforms like Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/6caNQXfkT4ajcl6OO76NUP) which has gradually made him a rising name in the world of music. There is a reason why today Savage Fric has become a verified artist on Spotify and this has also been able to create a loyal listeners base for him, from which he confesses to having gotten great confidence to become and stay his best version in the industry.. As if attaining so much love as a singer wasn’t enough for him, he also decided to express himself through his hard-hitting lyrics, turning into a modern-day songwriter as well.

As a singer and songwriter, Savage Fric says that every day has been a learning experience for him, and that’s how he has made sure to implement it in his music works and connect more with the audiences. Since October 2019 he’s been honing his craft from the ground up and has swiftly built himself a solid following and fanbase and has been steadily solidifying his position in the music industry through his incredible voice.

. To know more, follow him on Instagram @oksavagefric

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