Hank Dollaz: The emerging music artist from Spring Valley.

His soulful and innate form of music and songs have propelled him to become the new favourite in no time.

Music is best therapy to emerge oneself in a happy peaceful life! Though there are numerous styles of music entertaining every kind of audience through various versions of it. As music is – ‘an explosive expression of humanity.’ Music helps to heal people from any kind of pain and inhale with blissful life. It’s equally important that the musician compose creative music. A music composer must be very impromptu to the variations of music, creative, skillful to entertain audience. Meet one such amazing artist who has been a diligent student of music and has been carving a special name for himself in the industry- Hank Dollaz.

This mesmerizing musician is from Spring Valley, New York. He just loves to spend time and days in his studio and passionately creates his kind of music. He talks about his love for his music and studio, he says – “The studio is like the only place I feel as if can tell my story with a twist to it.” Hank opines that he finds serenity and solace in making music and creating new songs and attributes his purpose of life to it. There is nothing that he would do in life without music. It has been one integral and irreplaceable part of his life and will continue to be a part of his world and time ahead. 

Hank has created many new and creative songs and has a huge list under his wings. His first single chartbuster was “Spaceships” which enabled him to establish himself in the music realm. Hank has added a new collection with his “Extra series” (“Extra”, “2 Extra”) and has been working on a “Before the Money” project as well. His new single “Movie’ on YouTube has garnered more than 20k views since its upload and is counting more day by day. 
His unique, catchy, trendy form of music making has enthralled many millions and Hank has not disappointed them either, he vouches to create more memorable and unforgettable tunes that will make people remember his name for a long time. Do follow his story on Instagram @hankdollaz.

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