Getting to know music artist Nayo Dez 

Nayo Dez is professional singer and songwriter from Newark, NJ. 

Tell us about you:

I’ve performed Disney candlelight for Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. I’ve performed for Donnie McClurkin at holy land in Orlando Florida. And I’ve currently started my solo project in Nayo Dez with my new hit single “Stay” Written, recorded and performed by me. This song is my relatable story of how if a person wants you in their life they need to say it. In the end, walking away from a situationship that doesn’t serve your highest good and putting yourself first (male/female) and loving “you” is what this nurse recommends. 

My self debut album that I will be putting out into the world is my heart songs and I grew up in the church singing Christian music and decided to reach the people in a new way that’s intuitive and innovative and insightful and I hope that my message can be shared with the world through my music and my image and everything that I stand for. That self love is the gateway to the greatest experiences in life that should never ever be compromised! This song “CHERIÈ” is simply a love song for a love interest. This is called the “cupcake phase” infatuation and love that comes with excitement of a new relationship.

My song “for you”is a fun Afrobeat song that I and my friend TAYO created together to give a different vibe of Afrobeat.

“Right Now” it’s about a guy and a girl that have a crush on each other and they are both wondering if they’re thinking the same thing. It’s a back-and-forth between the minds of A love interest/crush.

I love music because, music gives each and every person the opportunity to be whoever and whatever they want to be. As an artist the most important thing for me is knowing ones own truth. 

What makes me different is the intention of my music to pursue the lost soul in a non-traditional way. To feed the souls hunger for pain and pleasure and I provide both  by creating  a safe atmosphere when my voice hits the ear. My music makes people want to let their hair down and settle into relaxation or Amp up with excitement or stir up emotion with challenging ideals. 

In 5 years I see myself in collaboration with some of the most relevant and influential artist and black leaders of our time to instill change and peace amongst all people through music. My life I wish to accomplish and leave behind a legacy and roadmap for others to follow even after my time has passed to not lose the ancient knowledge we have stored in each divine persons. There is unique quality to my voice that has its own swagg. Nothing like smooth tones and conviction to persuade the mass majority to love and listen and relate to your earthly struggles. Fun fans and entertainment are what I live for! Live performances soon to come and more opportunities to share my light and love with the planet. I want to be remembered by being the sweet sound of reason that impact a nation and that fills the heart of the people instilling change one bar at a time. No selfish gains other than the recognition of being used as a vessel to spread love light and faith in humanity. There is nothing I love more than my art my creation if music other than my family, friends and sense of community. I will be relentless in my pursuit to sharing my music with the world.

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