Fan backlash prompted Doja Cat to declare she is quitting music: ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck Anymore.’

When the singer was criticised for not stopping to meet with fans at her hotel while in Paraguay to perform at the Asunción festival, she launched a Twitter tantrum.

There are several reasons why the music industry is notoriously unforgiving, but one of the most notable is the fanaticism that distinguishes it from other parts of the entertainment industry. As a result, fans expect their favourite musicians to treat them like family. Musicians are often the ones that gladly take on the responsibility, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship. If you’re a big fan of Lady Gaga, you’re a “little monster,” or if you’re a big fan of Taylor Swift, you’ve got the “swifties.” However, the overwhelming love and admiration from the public can breed animosity. False feelings of proximity can lead fans to pursue stars in dangerous ways when they feel betrayed.

A similar predicament arose for Doja Cat on Thursday night when she was confronted by irate Paraguayan fans. The “Kiss Me More” singer/rapper had to resort to “I fucking quit” as things got out of hand.

The feud continued, and Doja became enraged when she announced that she would no longer be taking selfies with fans following her tour. Not only did she pledge to stop posting fan images once more vitriol was directed at her, but she also promised to stop posting them altogether. Her words were cut short when she said: “I fuckin quit, I can’t wait to just fucking disappear, and I don’t need you any more to believe in me. It’s gone.” i’m a fucking fool for ever thinking this was meant for me this is a fucking nightmare unfollow me,” and changed her handle to I resigned.” Lollapalooza and the Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn tour are on Doja’s schedule, but only time will tell if she intends to quit the music industry and at what point in the process.

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