Devarius Hiers, aka Varee astounds people with his newest track “Mental State.”

Mental State has a deep meaning exuding Varee’s personal depression and many of his other strong sentiments.

Out of the many industries that have been on a constant growth pedestal, the kind of success and the level of momentum the music space has earned has turned people’s heads and attracted their maximum attention all over the world. This has been possible for the kind of opportunities the industry has offered to all and welcomed every talented being from every corner of the world with open arms. New talents keep entering the industry and keep disrupting the same in ways more than one through their incredible talents and skills. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such extremely talented being, a rapper and musical talent named Devarius Hiers, aka Varee, who has now spellbound listeners and music lovers with his latest track titled “Mental State.”

There have been so many musicians, songwriters, rappers, producers and artists that have emerged in the music industry, especially in the American music scene, but only rare gems like Varee have created musical gems that have added more meaning to people’s lives. This very quality and ability to take people through a personal journey through his songs have led him to become one of the most loved artists in the industry, even amidst much competition. With Mental State, Varee makes a higher jump in the industry and make sure to enthrall all music lovers and his fans out there.

Speaking more on the same, Varee says that Mental State is a song about deep meanings and about his personal depression, fake friends, and anxiety. He wanted to let people in, in his world to let them know what his journey with depression and anxiety has been like and hence has tried to create a song that can instantly connect deep with the listeners. With Mental State, people can understand perhaps the deeper meanings of life and may also gain more empathy towards people who go through all this.

Varee hails from Gough, Georgia, the US, and was born in Atlanta, GA and at a very young age is already a verified artist on Spotify. He has shown his excellence with his each of his songs, but with Mental State, he definitely takes it forward.

Listen to the song on Spotify now, or on YouTube, and follow him on Instagram @1varee.

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