D cali rising star of Punjabi music industry

D cali is a urban hip hop California based Punjabi artist. He is a rapper and composer as well. He was born in Delhi and moved to California at the age of 13. He had a great interest in music from very young age so he went to the Los Angels recording school to gain more musical knowledge.

His songs like What to do, Old weapons Chorni and one of the most famous song of Bollywood, featuring Sunny Leone Barbie doll are catchy and groovy number that showcase is the callies singing and rapping abilities. The song “Barbie doll” hits more than 14 million on YouTube. He also worked with famous singers like Ikka, Pardhan and Fateh.

After the success of these songs now he is working on his solo album and soon he will release the poster and the name of his album.

D Cali is known for his versatility and creativity as a musician. He can switch between singing and wrapping with ease and can adapt to different genres and styles of music. He has a loyal fan base that supports and appreciates his music. He is also active on social media platforms like Instagram. He is rising star of Punjabi music who has a unique music sense.

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