Katy Perry explains why she and Orlando Bloom aren’t expecting a second child yet

While many have speculated about a second pregnancy for the couple, the Roar singer recently addressed why it may not happen anytime soon. Katy recently spoke about her one-year-old daughter Daisy and her future baby plans during the American Idol anniversary party.

They may consider extending their family in the future, but Perry says now may not be the best moment. The singer explained to E! News why she hasn’t had a second kid yet, stating, “I’m in Vegas, and I can’t do that show hungry. Someone, anyone.” The singer’s Vegas reference was for her May residency.

“She’s running, she says ‘I love you,’ she paints, and she’s got pigtails,” the singer remarked about her daughter Daisy Dove. The singer is a devoted mother who frequently shares photos of her son on Instagram.

Perry and Bloom welcomed their first child, Daisy, in August 2020, after dating for four and a half years and getting engaged on February 14, 2019. Orlando has an 11-year-old son named Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

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