Why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck “Don’t Want to” to Get Ready for marriage or Wedded… However

Key sentence:

· Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are “completely dedicated” to one another, yet have their explanations behind holding off on a proposition.

· Here’s the reason they “don’t feel it’s essential” at this moment.

· Jennifer Lopez is by all accounts continuing with alert this time around.

On July 20, she avoided an inquiry on the Today show about how much “more joyful” she looks by Ben Affleck’s side. J.Lo conceded she’s “cheerful,” however then immediately rotated to discuss the re-arrival of her melody “Love Drive everything and everyone.” The 51-year-old artist reacted, “I accept that that message of cherishing each other and meeting up and love is never more applicable than it is at this moment.”

Thus, indeed, she might be hush-hush about her restored sentiment with Ben. “hasn’t been this glad in quite a while,” a source near the Grammy candidate only tells News.

As per the source, things are quitting any funny business among Jennifer and Ben—regardless of whether she isn’t yet prepared to talk about it freely. “[They] are completely dedicated to one another,” the insider shares.

Simply don’t anticipate wedding chimes sooner rather than later, on the grounds that Bennifer isn’t hurrying into anything legitimately restricting. Ben and Jen, who is new off her commitment to Alex Rodriguez, concur that they are “not expecting to get hitched once more,” per the source.

The couple is “totally in total agreement” about holding off on a proposition, the insider goes on. “They have been fitting their lives and families and don’t want to get ready for marriage yet or even get married. They have both been there and don’t feel it’s vital.”

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