American Horror Stories’ Sierra McCormick Uncovers What It’s Truly Similar to Wearing the Rubber Suit

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·         In a selective visit with News, American Horror Stories breakout star Sierra McCormick examined the AHS side project, including the popular rubber suit.

·         The Rubber Man suit isn’t pretty much as dangerous as it might show up.

In a selective talk with News, American Horror Stories star Sierra McCormick dished about her part for the new horror collection series, remembering subtleties for what it resembled wearing the notorious rubber suit. Before wearing the latex outfit—which incorporates a body suit, gloves and veil—Sierra said she needed to guarantee the AH Stories group that she wasn’t claustrophobic.

“It’s actual novel, there’s nothing else like it,” she solely told E! News. “It is basically, such as, putting a goliath condom on your body that is fit to your definite body. It’s abnormal.”

Evidently, to get into the perfectly sized outfit, Sierra needed to cover her whole body in lube. Also, that wasn’t even the most peculiar part, as the 23-year-old entertainer uncovered that within the suit resembled an inflatable and completely changed her stance.

Regardless of the entirety of this, Sierra noticed the suit was in reality lovely open to, adding, “It’s really stretchy.”

The solitary part she didn’t appreciate? The veil.

“The cover was the solitary thing where I resembled, ‘I can just do this for a short measure of time,'” she shared. “That was the one that got to me in the long run. The veil was very close.”

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