Why North West Is Kim Kardashian Biggest Fashion Critic and How Kim Kardashian Controls Her Image

Kim Kardashian is unclassifiable. Kourtney Kardashian has risen to fame with her game-changing reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. On April 14th, Kim Kardashian will premiere The Kardashians, her Hulu documentary series, giving fans a behind-the-scenes peek at fashion, stardom, and family.

To her ardent followers, she is simply Kim, a bizarre yet accessible public personality who is endlessly watchable. Only one celebrity could close Paris Fashion Week by sitting front row at Balenciaga and studying for their latest legal tests on the journey home.

Despite a decade of media omnipresence, Kardashian feels she’s just getting started. This morning, she spoke at Vogue’s Forces of Fashion conference, hosted by Stuart Weitzman. “I remember being pregnant in the spotlight, how cruel the press was to me for gaining weight while pregnant, but you get to a point where it doesn’t matter.took me a long time to figure it out, but you’ve figured it out. You reach to a point when you don’t care, despite all the messages about you. It’s difficult to avoid revising the story.

Kardashian, 41, has found inner peace. The star’s newfound confidence in her style, business acumen, and projects has influenced her current choices, and she trusts her gut and only seeks opinion from her inner circle. For example, her stunning shrouded Balenciaga dress from the 2021 Met Gala? Demna, the brand’s creative director, helped make it happen. “I could tell he was trying to ease me into it,” she told Vogue.com editor Chioma Nnadi. “I didn’t comprehend it at first. What will my glam crew do if I can’t cover up at the Met? But I totally trust Demna. You need trust to realise that even a major risk will be worth it.”

Kardashian, whose PRs used to deny her requests for samples, now has legendary designers create unique outfits only for her. “It’s just so fantastic to work with a fashion legend,” she adds of her late husband Manfried Theirry Mugler. It’s amazing how much you can learn just by looking at their work, what drives them, and how their homes work.

Kardashian is one of the most influential persons in entertainment, starring in commercials for premium goods and running her shapewear line SKIMS, which was valued at $3.2 billion in January. She has yet to impress her fiercest critic. “North has strong opinions about what I wear,” she explains. “She frequently complains about my black outfits. When I went up at her school dressed in all pink on Valentine’s Day, she ran over and hugged me. Naturally, she opened my coat, saw the black lining, and said, ‘Mom, you’re still in black.’”

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