PHASE Paves the Way for Female-Founded Streetwear

Launched in 2019, PHASE is an emerging streetwear brand that harnesses the power of visual storytelling through modes of fashion and design. Established by Founder and Creative Director Willeen “Willy” Capehart, the Providence-based clothing company is a culmination of transitory yet defining periods within the designer’s life. From childhood, Capehart’s style has transcended the gender binary of fashion, more often than not, to the dismay of others—particularly those expecting her to conform to society’s restrictive norms and expectations. Drawing inspiration from these experiences, the idea for PHASE was conceived. Without any prior experience in the fashion industry, Capehart worked three jobs to save up for the brand’s debut collection “The Motherland”—a selection that features a modern twist on the nostalgic ‘90s baggy trend. This past month, PHASE released a tribute collection dedicated to Capehart’s late father. The Dad Collection fuses classic, vintage details with contemporary pieces.  

In early 2021, famed NBA athlete Jayson Tatum sported the company’s sweatpant and hoodie in an Instagram photo; it was one of the most prominent events that prompted PHASE’s meteoric rise to success. The clothing line has since released additional collections featuring items worn by Terrance Mann of the LA Clippers, Hip Hop artist 6lack, Kyle Dugger of the New England Patriots, Ty Young (former WNBA player), David Duke Jr. of the Brooklyn Nets and several others.

Marked by dark and emotive color palettes which are further complemented by bold yet playful symbols, PHASE has broken out of the binary box by exploring elements of identity and culture while simultaneously embracing the versatility of a more inclusive, gender-neutral clothing space. To explore PHASE’s product portfolio, visit their website. For updates on upcoming releases, follow them on Instagram ( 

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