Indegenius: Where Streetwear meets Rap 

Choices play an important role in our lives. What we choose to learn and unlearn helps us achieve the success we desire. Or the opposite takes place where we are unable to choose wisely and ultimately give up. Life is not always a smooth sail, we come across difficulties and to get past them requires courage and perseverance. There are times when people work hard and yet they do not get the success they deserve. Only a few can remain composed in such situations and actually figure out ways to fulfil their goals.

An executive producer, UX, and comedian, Ras Au-t AmamMFA Indegenius is a Washington DC, USA based multi-talented individual who is on an inspiring journey towards success. He is a well-educated person having degrees in a variety of fields like marketing, television production, web design and new media and yet was rejected everywhere in the corporate sector. But he did not lose hope. He took his own time to reflect on himself and his potential. After earning a prestigious masters’ degree, he set out to launch his own brand of streetwear and complemented it with his rap-style music. It was definitely not an easy task as he had to move out of his line of education and begin a new venture. Indegeniushas a very strong set of values that he preaches through his music.

He has invested over $4,00,000 in his education over the years. The experience that he has gathered is unmatched and he tries giving out these lessons to his audience through his music. He has set up his brand online from the scratch and it is growing rapidly today. When Indegenius was asked about his biggest learning in life, he quoted DMX and said that “expect people to be themselves”. According to him, if people are pushed out of their lanes, they do not enjoy working and fail to deliver the output they could have produced.

He believes in the freedom of religion and admires the diversity among people. As an artist who provides joy to people through his music, they look up to him as their idol. Indegenius also talks about the minority sections of a society who are often overlooked by the others. He has strong opinions on how every individual should be treated with equal respect and that everyone should enjoy equal opportunities in life.

He is also extremely passionate about hip-hop being a rapper himself. He wishes to tell the world about the potential this community has and he also wants to utilize his financial earnings to support hip-hop artists and spread the good word around.

Make sure to check out his Instagram handle @indegenius_that has almost 12k followers where you can check out his streetwear brand and his music

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