Designer Amina Muaddi dismisses Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s breakup rumours

The internet is raging when beauty influencer @LOUIS via ROMA slammed Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship. Earlier today, the influencer claimed on Twitter that RiRi and Rocky had split up while she was still pregnant with Rocky’s child. Rocky cheated on his baby mom with Amina Muaddi, Fenty’s footwear designer, according to the tweet.

Amina moved in quickly to put use the fire that the rumour was igniting. Amina turned to social media to address the false accusations levelled against her and the marriage. “I’ve always considered a baseless social media falsehood deserves no reaction or clarification, especially one so cruel,” she added in the note. She went on to say that she thought such cruel gossip was untrue, but since Twitter seemed to be exploiting the situation, she decided to speak up.

Also, Amina stated that the timing of the rumour is not appropriate because Rihanna is pregnant and this should be the “most beautiful and celebrated” time of her life. She stated that she had speak up because the gossip involves people she likes and admires. I wish everyone a wonderful Easter break while Rihanna continues to live her serene, best-dressed pregnancy life and I return to my job.” ” she explained.

Fans’ reactions to Amina’s confirmation of the rumour were mixed. While some plainly support her as the victim of a false allegation designed to destroy her career and image, others want Amina to clarify that she did not have any sexual contact with Rocky as claimed in the story.

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