After the Chris Rock slap incident, Will Smith sees a 10-year OSCARS ban.

Will Smith accepts the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role on Sunday, March 27, 2022, during the 94th Academy Awards in Los Angeles.
Will Smith will be barred from attending the Academy Awards for the next ten years following his on-stage smack of comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

According to the Academy’s Board of Governors, which voted on the topic on Friday, it is a move “in the direction of a greater goal of ensuring the safety of our performers and visitors.”

During a meeting held today, the Academy Board of Governors discussed how best to respond to Will Smith’s behaviour at the Oscars, in addition to accepting his resignation, according to an open letter published by the organisation on its website. “The Board has determined that Mr. Smith will not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programmes, in person or online, for a period of ten years beginning on April 8, 2022, including but not limited to the Academy Awards.”

In early April, Smith resigned from the Academy, opening the door for the Academy’s board of directors to decide on his future before the originally announced April 18 deadline. The incident occurred as Rock was presenting the Oscar nominees for best documentary feature in 2022, during which he made a series of comments aimed at members of the audience. Rock then directed a joke at Jada Pinkett Smith, comparing her shorn head to the actress Demi Moore’s appearance in the 1997 film G.I. Jane, which also featured a shaved head.

Smith stepped up on stage toward Rock, smacked him in the face, and then returned to his seat, in what many assumed was a part of the show at the time. However, uploaded video from the unedited Japanese transmission showed Smith repeatedly saying, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth,” which was cut off in the United States.

“We would want to express our profound gratitude to,” the letter reads Mr. Rock for retaining his cool under extremely trying circumstances.” “We also want to express our gratitude to our hosts, nominees, presenters, and winners for their elegance and grace throughout our telecast,” the statement continued.

The letter expressed regret for “not effectively” handling the matter and expressed regret for the incident. “We did not appropriately handle the scenario in the room during our transmission,” said the team. “Please accept our apologies for this,” the letter stated. In our attempt to set a precedent for our guests, spectators, and Academy family members around the world, we fell short — ill-prepared for the extraordinary.”

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